Welcoming a new child to your family should be a blissful occasion. And with so much to focus on already, you should not be subject to unnecessary anxiety related to your job security. And you certainly should not be forced to choose between having a fulfilling family life and career advancement. Particularly for pregnant women, it can be challenging to manage the high expectations of a workplace with the desire to have a family. Fortunately, numerous state and federal laws protect both men and women from unlawful pregnancy discrimination.

Pregnancy Discrimination
The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) protects pregnant mothers from workplace discrimination in nearly all aspects of employment, including insurance, hiring and firing, promotions, pay and work assignments. The law also applies to women who recently had a child, are undergoing medical treatment related to pregnancy or are planning for future pregnancies.

Employers cannot discriminate against an employee because of a medical condition related to pregnancy, including breastfeeding. A reasonable break time and private place (other than a restroom) are required for hourly employees to use for lactation-related needs until the child’s first birthday.

Maternity & Parental Leave
Although not all employers are subject to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), most are required to provide employees with at least 12 weeks of paid or unpaid leave for the care of their new child. Upon returning to work, employees must also be placed in the same or a similar position.

Protect Your Pregnancy Rights
If your employer is treating you unlawfully because of your pregnancy or a related condition, Harman Law, PLLC can help. We will explain your rights and ensure you receive honest and effective legal counsel to pursue the respect and dignity you deserve from your employer.