Thousands of workers are injured on the job every day in the United States. Most workers are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits for a work-related injury, but many workers do not know the full benefits they are entitled to receive.

If you have been injured in North Carolina, Harman Law can provide authentic and effective legal assistance with your workers’ compensation claim. We care about your physical and emotional recovery and we can help you pursue the resources you need for your medical treatment, your lost wages, and your future health.

Harman Law, PLLC has offices in Huntersville / Lake Norman and Charlotte, but we assist employees across the state of North Carolina. Our extensive experience and track record of success work to your advantage in negotiating for higher awards.

Workers’ compensation has advantages and disadvantages for both employees and employers. Having an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side will ensure you capitalize on all the benefits available to injured workers.

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