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The Huntersville and Hickory personal injury and employment lawyers of Harman Law have an outstanding track record of positive results for our clients, and a reputation that is backed by years of experience helping people in North Carolina. We founded our firm on the principles of integrity and service to our clients, and our commitment to you is evident in everything we do.

If you have been mistreated by your employer or if you have been hurt in an accident in North Carolina, our team of experienced, compassionate attorneys is here to stand up for you. Our thorough approach and strong litigation and negotiation skills are what set us apart from the rest and are why so many people choose us for help when they need it the most.

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Car Accidents

In North Carolina, more than 200,000 accidents happen each year. Car accidents often result in serious injury that has a life-changing effect. From Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) to whiplash, any damage from a car crash needs medical attention.

After the crash, you’ll have to speak with your insurance company, take pictures of your car, possibly make it to an insurance representative, and more. What you should be doing, is focusing on your recovery.

Get help from the Huntersville car accident lawyers at Harman Law. Have an attorney on your side, someone willing to push for fair compensation and a swift resolution.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents close down freeways and make the news because they often result in many people experiencing harm. In terms of sheer size, a sedan or standard vehicle that is hit by a semi-truck has no chance of taking an impact unscathed.

Recovery and medical treatment for severe harm that results from trucking accidents can take a long time as well. Take the time you need to focus on a full recovery while allowing a lawyer to deal with the administrative end of things.

They can deal with the involved insurance companies and the trucking company. Contact Harman Law to speak with a Huntersville truck accident lawyer for guidance in resolving truck accident claims.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists choose to ride bikes because they enjoy it. Not only are motorcycles a form of transportation, but they’re also a hobby that brings many people freedom and a controlled level of risk.

That controlled level of risk is very important because motorcyclists are still owed the same duty of care as if they were driving a regular car. Too often, insurance companies try to shift blame onto the motorcyclist saying that they understand the risks. The risk is real, but the responsibility is not singular.

If you experienced some harm while riding your motorcycle, call Harman Law and get a Huntersville motorcycle accident lawyer involved. Don’t allow insurance companies or the other driver to push you into a low settlement offer.

Uber Accidents

The ride-sharing app that makes it easy to get around makes it possible for anyone to become a professional driver. That means that people who are less than qualified or are generally bad drivers end up behind the wheel with passengers daily.

Uber, in an attempt to ensure coverage, has an insurance policy which covers the damages, as well as pain and suffering. This coverage only becomes active during certain situations, and it might be hard to identify if their insurance applies to your particular case or not.

Working with an Uber accident lawyer in Huntersville, you can sort out this mess and figure out who is going to provide compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, and more. Reach out to Harman Law for help in resolving your case.

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Workers' Compensation

Worker’s compensation is the insurance coverage that should take care of any of your medical costs if they stem from a workplace incident. In the past, there’s been a lot of media coverage about companies that use loopholes and murky wording to avoid workers’ compensation claims.

It’s hard to know who is trustworthy during this process. You will deal with the North Carolina Industrial Commission as well as your company’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier and your doctors.

Involve a workers’ compensation attorney right away. Working with your attorney, you’ll have someone on your side that can help you bounce back from your injury and return to work. Contact a Huntersville workers’ compensation attorney at Harman Law.

Employment Law

Were you fired without cause? Maybe you know that your employer recognizes the unsafe working conditions and doesn’t do anything to correct them. Employment law covers so many different possible issues that it’s difficult to sum everything up quickly.

Essentially if you suspect that your employer is doing something wrong, it falls under the umbrella of employment law. This section of the law works to protect the relationship between employers and employees to cultivate safe and fair working conditions.

If you have trouble with your employer, contact Harman Law. Taking on employment law issues can lead to a ton of stress, but working with a local North Carolina employment law lawyer can ease some of that worry.

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