We can’t turn on the news anymore without seeing a report of a car accident in North Carolina. Most of us have become numb to this kind of thing. But when the accident claims the life of a teenager, it is tragic as a Guilford County man was killed in a fatal crash. All you can do is send prayers out to the family and hope nobody else gets hurt.

In Guilford County this week, a young man was driving with a male passenger in his car down Hillcroft Road. He started to cross the center line and overcorrected. He ended up driving straight into Browns Summit Pond.

The driver, Cameron Burnett, called 911 and told them he had crashed into a pond. He reported that his car was filling up with water as he spoke. 911 immediately dispatched a rescue crew to the pond. Burnett hung up, presumably because his car had filled with water.

Burnett’s friend, Malik King, managed to get out of the vehicle and swim to safety. He ran to a neighbor’s house and asked for help. Two counties sent firefighters to the scene.

Divers immediately went into the pond to commence their search and rescue mission. Unfortunately, by midnight, they were unable to rescue the teen and he was presumed dead. His mom said that her son was less than 5 minutes from home at the time of the crash.

The authorities said they could still see tire tracks along Hill croft Road where Burnett lost control of his car. There has been no further comment from the passenger, Malik King. The young man who died was a recent graduate of North Guilford High School.

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Source: https://myfox8.com/2019/11/25/driver-dead-after-crashing-into-guilford-county-pond-passenger-swims-to-safety/