2 Drivers Killed in Red Springs Multi-Car Accident

Two people were killed in a multi-vehicle accident this past week in Red Springs, North Carolina. A 71-year old man from Pembroke was driving a 2019 Nissan on the Southbound side of NC 701 at about 12:57 pm on Monday, March 2, 2020.

The man was John Wayne Graves and he was from Fayetteville, North Carolina. He tried to pass another vehicle but, instead, ended up driving into oncoming traffic. He crashed into another vehicle head-on. The car he crashed into was a 2015 Chrysler being driven by 30-year old Cassidy Clark from Maxton, North Carolina.

After hitting Clark’s vehicle, Graves’ car headed off the road toward the right side where it came to rest. Clark’s car, due to the impact, spun and was then hit by a 2012 Infinity driven by 21-year old Halee Berry. Berry is from Pembroke, North Carolina.

When the police responded to the scene, they found that two of the accident victims had passed away. Both John Wayne Graves and Cassidy Clark were pronounced dead at the scene. The third driver, Berry, was taken to the hospital but her injuries were described as only minor.

The accident investigation is still ongoing. They were able to confirm that, at the time of the crash, Graves was going at least 70 mph. Clark was only going 45 mph. They did not indicate what the speed limit is in that section of the highway. However, given the fact that Graves was attempting to pass a slower vehicle at the time of the crash, he may have been going much faster than the posted speed limit.

The investigation continues and further information may be released shortly. If you or your loved one are injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident, contact our car crash lawyers right away.

Source: https://www.robesonian.com/news/132401/head-on-collision-kills-2