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There are various types of accidents, including auto and workplace accidents, that occur every day, but there is no overlooking the damage caused by these accidents. Most of these accidents can be fatal, regardless of the circumstances under which they occur. At Harman Law, we defend individuals who have suffered injuries in any environment. What’s more, our Caldwell personal injury lawyers assist accident victims as they recover and seek their compensation.

Harman Law is a one-stop firm for individuals with personal injury cases or concerns in Caldwell, NC. We have a team of committed lawyers with years’ experience in representing individuals who have sustained injuries following an accident. We guarantee high-quality representation to our clients as we help them obtain the best possible settlements for worker’s compensation, truck accidents, and others.

Time is of utmost importance in personal injury cases, and if you or your loved one has sustained personal injuries, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible to get a free consultation as we spell out your legal options. Through such stressful and emotional times, we have helped many victims, and families get through. Get to know more about our Caldwell personal injury firm and how we can assist if you sustain injuries following an accident in Caldwell, NC.

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Why Should I Hire A Reputable Personal Injury Attorney?

In law, personal injury refers to injuries to the mind, body, and emotions. A head injury, for instance, proves to be detrimental to a victim’s quality of life, either in the short-term or long-term, in the case of fatal injuries. If you’ve suffered any injuries following an accident, it is essential that you hire an esteemed personal injury lawyer near Caldwell, NC.

Basically, for accidents that result in personal injuries, medical bills are bound to escalate. Victims also miss work, and their insurance companies start to call. Additionally, victims are put through pain and suffering as a result of the injuries, not forgetting the stress before healing. The good news is that an esteemed personal injury lawyer can help. We take the load off your shoulders so you can focus on healing as we facilitate your financial compensation process.

Victims should refrain from handling personal injury cases without a lawyer, whether an accident led to minor or serious injuries. By working with a reputable and seasoned personal injury attorney, you can be sure that they will strive to get you the best compensation package for a better future.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Extortionate personal injury lawyer fees often scare away accident victims since most of them may not afford it. Luckily, accident victims in Caldwell, NC, won’t have to worry about that. Most personal injury attorneys, including Harman Law, represent you at no fee and only charge you once you win your case in court. Therefore, you don’t have to pay a dime if we don’t win your case. This is known as the contingency fee policy – which is a good way to find top-quality legal representation without paying any fees upfront.

A man meeting with a lawyer in Caldwell to discuss his personal injury claim.

Types Of Personal Injury Cases Our Firm Handles

In the event that you suffer a personal injury following another party’s fault act fast and contact an attorney at Harman Law. Since we began operations, our personal injury lawyers in Caldwell have made a name for themselves for handling the toughest personal injury cases and delivering on the same. We offer tailored representation and legal service for all kinds of accident claims, from workplace injuries to auto accidents.

Our services cover the following areas and types of personal injury claims:

Car Accidents

Car accidents have devastating effects, and victims have a tough time dealing with injuries and financial losses. However, car accidents in North Carolina could mean that you are entitled to compensation, and our lawyers can assist with that. Individuals who have been involved in a car crash can turn to our esteemed personal injury lawyers for help. Moreover, auto accident litigation in Caldwell is complicated. The laws governing auto accidents and injuries are volatile and change with time. A seasoned Caldwell car accident lawyer understands these laws and can take you through the process with no hassle.

Truck Accidents

Experienced personal injury lawyers also know how to handle personal injury cases that involve trucks and heavy commercial vehicles. They understand that truck accident cases are unlike other road accidents in various ways, including the following three:

  1. Injuries sustained following a truck accident are often deadly, and victims may need intensive rehabilitation care.
  2. The various laws, insurance policies, and issues like truck or trailer ownership may only add to the complexity of personal injury cases involving trucks.
  3. Proof of liability may be a challenge. Proving that the owner or driver of the truck was liable for the accident could call for expertise.

At Harman Law, we pride ourselves in representing individuals who have sustained injuries following truck accidents. We will start by conducting a thorough investigation of your case to establish the liable parties and hold them accountable for your injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are probably the most vulnerable motorists, especially when crashes occur, and often are mistakenly held liable for accidents. At Harman Law, we understand the risk surrounding motorcyclists and the prejudice they often face when dealing with insurers. Our personal injury attorneys help find vital information to strengthen your claim and increase your chances of getting compensated fairly.

Injuries sustained by motorcyclists can be extensive, given the high speeds and exposed riding position in motorcycles. We can represent you in your motorcycle personal injury case at a no-win, no fee basis.

Accidents At Work

In a perfect world, employees should go about their duties, shielded from any injury or illness. However, the real world presents many workplaces in which accidents can occur. In fact, thousands of American workers in such workplaces suffer injuries that could have been avoided had the right safety measures and precautions been put in place.

Sustaining injuries at a workplace – minor or serious – potentially affects your working ability, which could affect your future employment.

At Harman Law, we strive to take the load off your shoulder and spare you the stress by offering transparent and expert legal counsel. Even though an employee may not file a personal injury claim against their employer, they can file a worker’s compensation claim. What’s more, a worker may file a personal injury claim against another individual or third party that was held liable for the accident.

What Damages Can I Recover In A Personal Injury Case?

Every personal injury case is distinctive. However, the compensation for these personal injury cases may be recovered in the form of these two types of damages:

General Damages

These refer to the non-economic damages, including pain and suffering, or compensation for physical or mental impairment, limitation, or deformity.

Special Damages

These refer to the damages related to an individual’s financial status. The most common kind of compensation here is the loss of revenue, resulting from the victim’s incapacitation.

Take note that these are not the only provisions in a personal injury case. Our lawyers can discuss with you the various provisions to ensure that all your losses, including the economic and non-economic, are captured in your claim and supported with the necessary paperwork.

How Long Does It Take To Settle A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Personal injury cases in Caldwell, NC, can vary greatly in the time taken to settle the case. However, a general observation is that most of these cases are settled before getting to trial. Generally, most personal injury claims with an admission of fault result in a settlement with the defendant or insurer.

A man being treated for an ankle injury.

However, a general rule of thumb is that a case with no admission, or one involving serious injuries and a huge settlement figure, will drag longer as the insurer will be fighting hard against the case. Working with an esteemed personal injury attorney in Caldwell can help trigger the defendant and their insurer to propose a fair settlement offer at the beginning of the process, given the slim chances of taking advantage of you.

Are There Time Limits For Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

In North Carolina, strict time limits apply to personal injury claims. Under the laws and statutes of North Carolina, a victim or their family must initiate a personal injury claim not later than three years from the date the injuries were sustained. However, there is an exception to cases of wrongful death, where the time limit is set at two years. These time limits may also be shorter where the case involves a municipality or city. Individuals who have suffered injuries following a workplace accident should notify their employer or supervisor about the injuries before filing a worker’s compensation claim. Generally, we advise individuals who have suffered injuries in Caldwell to decide whether they want to make a personal injury claim soon after the accident occurs.

Contact A Caldwell Personal Injury Lawyer to Schedule a Free Consultation

Once an accident has resulted in injuries to you or your loved one, deciding on the next step is critical. Whether you decide to negotiate with the liable party’s insurer or your insurer, it is normal to feel overwhelmed along the way. Still, you don’t have to carry all that load alone – Harman Law can assist. Our specialty is securing compensation for plaintiffs in personal injury cases in Caldwell, NC. We handle a variety of claims across the board – like auto accidents and workplace accidents.

Whenever a personal injury threatens your working capacity or financial wellness, calling Harman Law would be great. You could also be having many questions, for which you may not have answers. Make sure all your injury inquiries are addressed during the initial consultation. Ultimately, you can depend on us in providing expert advice on your case and obtaining the fair compensation that you deserve.


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