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All types of accidents, including auto and workplace accidents, occur on a daily basis. However, that doesn’t mean you are prepared to deal with the extensive amount of damage that these accidents can potentially cause. Any accident, no matter what the circumstances are, may result in injuries or fatalities. Our Cornelius personal injury lawyers are available to represent people who have suffered injuries in all types of settings, and at any time. At Harman Law, we assist accident victims with their journeys towards fair compensation and health.

You can rely on us for all of your injury claim needs. We have an entire team of passionate lawyers who have extensive experience working on cases for accident victims who have suffered injuries. We provide high-quality legal service and assist our clients with obtaining high-value settlements in numerous areas including workers’ compensation and truck accidents.

When it comes to personal injury cases, time is always critical. If either you or a family member has sustained a personal injury, contact our injury law firm in Cornelius as soon as possible for your free consultation to explore your legal options. We have assisted many accident victims as well as their families through very stressful and emotional times. Learn more about how Harman Law can assist you if you were injured in an accident.

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Why Should I Hire An Experienced And Reputable Personal Injury Lawyer?

The legal term personal injury refers to injuries to either the body, emotions, or mind. A personal injury, like a head injury, may be detrimental to the victim’s quality of life, either for a short amount of time over the course of their healing process or in the case of a fatal injury it can be permanent. If you have suffered a personal injury as the result of an accident, then it is essential to hire a reputable local personal injury attorney.

Usually, following an accident that results in a personal injury, that bills being to pile up, you have to miss work, and insurance companies start to call you. In addition, accident victims must cope with all of the pain and suffering that their injuries cause, and focus on their healing process at the same time. Fortunately, a reputable and experienced personal injury lawyer can help. We will help to ease your load and ensure to obtain financial compensation for you to that you can make your healing a priority.

Whether your accident results in severe or minor injuries, you should not try to handle a personal injury case on your own without help from a lawyer. When you hire an experienced and reputable personal injury attorney, you can be assured that they will work to maximize the amount of financial compensation you receive and help improve your future.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?

After being in an accident, no one wants to have to worry about paying exorbitant fees to a personal injury attorney. Fortunately, that isn’t something that anyone in Cornelius, NC, has to worry about. Nearly all personal injury attorneys, including Harman Law, are willing to work on your case with no upfront charge. We will collect our fee after we have won your case. This means if we are not able to obtain compensation for you, then you will not owe any attorney fees to use. This is called a contingency fee arrangement. This type of arrangement allows you to get the best legal representation without having to make an upfront payment.

A man having an ankle injury treated by a doctor.

Kinds Of Personal Injury Cases Handled By Harman Law

If you have suffered a personal injury that was caused by another party’s fault, contact our Harman Law specialists right away. Since starting our practice, our Cornelius personal injury attorneys have earned a reputation for dealing with the most challenging of all personal injury cases and consistently delivering positive results. We offer personalized legal representation and services for all kinds of accident claims, from workplace accidents to car accidents.

Our firm works on the following areas and types of personal injury claims:

Auto Accidents

The time after a car accident is often quite devastating. You must deal with your physical injuries, along with significant financial losses at the same time. Fortunately, being involved in a North Carolina car accident might entitle you to receive compensation. Our lawyers are here to help you obtain it. If you were involved in a car accident, you can rely on our reputable and experienced personal injury lawyers. In Cornelius, car accident litigation is often a very complicated area of law. Laws regarding car accidents and injuries change constantly. An experienced and reputable Cornelius car accident attorney will be knowledgeable about the laws and will help to guide through the process in a sensitive manner.

Truck Accidents

A reputable and experienced personal injury lawyer will understand cases that involve heavy commercial vehicles and trucks. They understand that there are at least three different ways that truck cases differ from other kinds of road accidents:

  • Injuries that result from truck accidents are often life-threatening or fatal, which means that accident victims need to have intensive rehabilitation support.
  • The various insurance policies and regulations involved, in addition to things such as the ownership of the trailer or truck, cause truck-related personal injury cases to be complicated.
  • Establishing liability can be very challenging. Expertise is required to prove that the driver and truck owner was at fault.

Harman Law represents clients who have sustained injuries in a truck accident. Our team will thoroughly investigate your case in order to prove which parties are liable for your injuries and make sure that all parties who are at-fault are held accountable for their actions.

Motorcycle Accidents

Compared to other users of the road, motorcyclists tend to be more vulnerable whenever a collision occurs and might be accused unfairly of causing the accident. Harman Law can confidently say that we understand the specific stresses that relate to motor accident cases as well as the prejudices that are faced by motorcyclists. Our personal injury attorneys will gather critical information to help to support your claim, as well as establish the actual circumstances of the accident and win fair compensation for you.

Given the nature of a motorcycle, like the exposed riding position that the driver is in at high speeds can result in extensive injuries being sustained in a motorcycle accident. We will handle your personal injury motorcycle accident case on a no-win, no fee basis.

Workplace Accidents

In a perfect world, all employees should be able to perform their jobs while being protected from injury and illness. However, in the real world, unfortunately, workplace accidents are quite common. Thousands of hard-working Americans sustain injuries in the workplace that could have been easily avoided if the right safety precaution had been in place. Sustaining injuries at work – whether severe or minor – can impact your ability to work. There could also be additional concerns regarding your future employment.

Harman Law will work diligently to help take away our stress regarding your case by providing you with expert and honest legal advice. Although North Carolina employees are barred from being able to file a personal injury claim against an employer, you can file a workers’ compensation claim. Personal injury claims can be filed against third parties if they were responsible for your accident.

What Kinds Of Damages Can I Recover In My Personal Injury Case?

Every personal injury case is different, but in general, you can recover compensation in personal injury cases for two kinds of damages.

General Damages

These are non-economic damages and compensation for physical or mental impairment, limitations, or disfigurement, along with pain and suffering.

Special Damages

These damages related to the accident victim’s finances. Compensation for the loss of earnings due to being unable to work is the most common form of special damages.

This does not represent a complete list of all of the damages that are available in personal injury cases. We will discuss your case with you and ensure that all of your losses, both non-economic and economic, get included in your personal injury claim and are fully supported with sufficient documentary evidence.

How Long Does It Take To Settle A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

A Cornelius, NC personal injury case can vary in how long it will take to settle. However, numerous personal injury cases are settled before they go to trial. A vast majority of personal injury claims where there is an admission of fault wind up having a settlement from the defendant or insurer.

A man on crutches speaking to a lawyer about his personal injury claim.

However, in general, cases with no admission of fault or ones involving significant settlement amounts and severe injuries will take longer since insurance companies will tend to fight harder on these cases. Hiring a reputable Cornelius personal injury attorney will help to motivate the insurer and defendant to ensure you receive a fair settlement offer much earlier on in the process since they know they can’t take advantage of you when you have experienced and competent legal representation.

Are There Time Limits Involved In Filing Personal Injury Lawsuits?

North Carolina has strict time limits on personal injury claims. Under North Carolina statutes and laws, an accident victim or a victim’s family must file their personal injury claim in a maximum of three years starting on the date that the injures occurred, except in wrongful death cases where there is a two-year time limit. The deadlines might also be shorter in cases that involve a municipality or city. Also, if you were involved in a workplace accident, you need to inform your manager or employer about your injuries prior to filing a workers’ compensation claim. In general, we advise anyone in Cornelius who has suffered injures to decide whether or not they want to pursue a personal injury claim as soon after the accident as possible.

Call A Cornelius Personal Injury Lawyer Today

If you have been in an accident that resulted in either you or a member of your family becoming injured, it is critical to figure out your next step. Whether it is negotiating with your own or the at-fault party’s insurance company, you can easily start to feel overwhelmed. However, it is not necessary for you to deal with your situation all on your own. Harman Law is here to help you. We specialize in obtaining compensation in Cornelius, NC for personal injury cases. We handle a wide range of various claims across many settings – from workplace accidents to car accidents.

When you have been left devastated by a personal injury and you have many more questions than you do answers, give Harman Law a call. Please bring all of your personal injury questions to use since you can rely on us to provide you with both the answers you need and the fair compensation that you deserve.


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