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Often times when employees are offered a new position, they can be so excited that they sign employment agreements after just a cursory glance at the often multi-page documents. As an employee, you need to protect yourself by identifying and negotiating critical components of an agreement, such as compensation and benefits (including bonuses), termination provisions, non-competition agreements and dispute resolution requirements for any future claims. If you are taking on a new job or are just curious if your current employment contract is fair contact an attorney with Harman Law to review it!

Comprehensive Contract Review – $350

Prior to signing an employment contract, you should strongly consider consulting an employment attorney to review or negotiate the agreement. Employers have attorneys preparing these contracts with their best interests in mind – you should too. That’s why, prior to signing anything, we encourage all employees to schedule a comprehensive contract review with Harman Law, PLLC. We will ensure you fully understand all key elements of your agreement and give you the tools you need to make adjustments that are in your best interest.

Non-Competition Agreements

One of the most common elements of a contract that can have the most detrimental impact on an employee is a “restrictive covenant” or “non-compete” clause. This clause prevents a person from working for either a competitor or clients of their former employer after termination. Non-compete agreements are often tucked away in small print, in a stack of new employee paperwork. And, all too often, non-competes cause employees to unknowingly sign away future employment opportunities. You may not even realize it until after you’ve moved on to a new job and receive a letter from your prior employer attempting to limit your subsequent employment.

It’s Never Too Late

Ideally, an employee should have all employment agreements reviewed by an employment attorney prior to signing. However, it is never too late to have Harman Law, PLLC review your existing agreement, especially if you are considering changing employers in the near future.

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