Police responded to a freak accident in Forsyth County this week. They were notified that a driver had crashed into the fence of a neighborhood home on Highway 66 near Watkins Ford Road. Apparently, the steering wheel locked up and the driver lost control of his car.

Miguel Rivera, from Piedmont Triad, was driving down Highway 66 at about 4:40 pm on March 24, 2020. He said that, out of nowhere, his steering wheel locked up. He wasn’t able to steer. He panicked and hit the brake, hoping he could come to a stop. Instead, he lost control of his car and ran off the road.

Once he leaped onto the grass, Rivera’s car continued to drive through a wooden fence on a homeowner’s property. He said he hit the fence once. He was then able to get some purchase on the steering wheel but ended up driving into a second part of the fence.

When he did this, two sections of the fence started to splinter. A wooden post actually flipped backwards and pierced Rivera’s windshield. It drove through his car all the way to the end. He said that, had someone been in the passenger seat, they surely would have died. He said the post came within an inch of piercing his neck. He had just dropped off his brother-in-law so he was thankful that nobody else was in the car with him.

He went to the local hospital and was cleared. He said he was thankful that the post wasn’t an inch to the left or we would have a totally different situation. The authorities said that speed and impairment had nothing to do with the crash. It sounds as if there may have been a mechanical defect with the car.

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Source: https://myfox8.com/news/kernersville-man-nearly-impaled-by-fencing-during-accident/