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Truck accidents are among the most devastating type of vehicular accidents. They leave victims with severe injuries and smaller vehicles are often totaled. If you’ve been hurt in a truck accident, you need to contact a Hickory truck accident lawyer. You should do so as soon as possible after your accident so they can get started on your case immediately. Since you are likely to require costly medical treatment, the insurance company will not want to compensate you fully. When you have a Hickory personal injury attorney on your side, you are more likely to get the money you deserve.

Truck accidents have many different causes and, in some cases, there is more than one defendant. At Harman Law, we have the resources to investigate your case thoroughly and advise you on the best way to proceed. We will ensure you pursue the correct defendant and get the compensation you need to begin moving on with your life. If the insurance company refuses to make a fair offer, we are willing to take the matter to court. Our only goal is to see you get a fair settlement.

If you have been injured in a truck accident in Hickory, NC, call the attorneys at Harman Law today at (704)766-8729. You will receive a risk-Consultation and honest, effective representation from experienced truck accident lawyers in North Carolina.

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How Does a Tractor Trailer Accident Differ From a Car Accident?

Not all vehicular accidents are the same, despite what many people think. Tractor trailer accidents stand out because the potential for significant damage is huge. Since these vehicles are so much larger than others on the road, they can cause serious injuries and costly property damage.  That’s why commercial truck drivers have to abide by stricter rules than the average driver.

It is more expensive and time-consuming to investigate a tractor trailer accident. The cause of the crash can be more complicated. Also, it can be difficult to determine who was at fault.  With the average car accident, driver error or recklessness is the likely cause. However, truck drivers, their employers, and even the maintenance company could be responsible for a truck accident.

Since tractor trailer accidents are so complex, you need to work with a Hickory truck accident lawyer who understands all the issues involved. The trucking company will have a legal team on its side so you shouldn’t try to handle the situation alone.

Why Do I Need a Hickory Truck Accident Lawyer?

Some people assume that truck accident claims are best left to insurance companies. They file a claim with the other driver’s insurer and assume they will get fair compensation. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case, especially in cases which are worth a lot of money. The insurance company will do everything it can to minimize the amount it has to pay out. If there is any indication that you contributed to the accident, they may deny your claim outright. If you want to improve your chances of getting full compensation, you need to contact an experienced truck accident lawyer.

There are many benefits to having a truck accident attorney in North Carolina on your side. For example, they will advise you about how to avoid self-incrimination. They will also negotiate on your behalf to ensure the insurer doesn’t take advantage of you. If the case needs to go to court, they will also represent you there. Accident victims who have an attorney are more likely to receive larger settlements. That’s because lawyers know how to stand up to insurance companies. They also know exactly what is a fair settlement and they don’t back down until they secure one.

This image shows a truck on the side of the road after an accident.
Truck accidents often cause serious damages to the vehicles they hit and a lawyer is your best chance for maximum compensation.

How Soon Do I Have to File A Claim After A Truck Accident?

There are two deadlines you need to keep in mind after a truck accident. The statute of limitations gives you three years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. This applies to both property damage and personal injury cases. If someone died in an accident, their family can bring a wrongful death lawsuit. However, they only have two years from the date of death.

The statute of limitations does not apply to your vehicle insurance claim. Insurance companies require you to give prompt notice. You’ll only have a few days or weeks at the most to notify them.

Hickory, NC Truck Accident Statistics

Large trucks include several types of vehicles like single-unit trucks, semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, and other commercial motor vehicles.

In 2016, more than 14,000 accidents in North Carolina involved large trucks. Thousands of people were injured in these crashes and more than 150 were killed. Tractor trailers and semi-trucks were involved in 4,464 of these accidents and they caused 1,238 injuries and 62 fatalities.

Trucks with two axles and six tires were the second most common vehicle to cause a large truck accident. They were involved in 4,179 accidents which caused 1,000 injuries and 38 deaths.

What Are the Most Common Types of Trucks Accidents in Hickory, NC?

Truck accidents occur in a variety of ways in Hickory, NC. While some accidents could happen with any vehicle, some are unique to trucks. All drivers need to exercise caution when they get behind the wheel, but truck drivers have an even greater responsibility.  Common types of truck accidents are:

Center Lane Crossover

Sometimes the truck driver is driving recklessly and crosses the center line, driving into oncoming traffic. Other times, the driver loses control because of a malfunction and crashes into another vehicle.

This image shows a semi-truck about to collide with a car head on.
Crossing the center lane causes some of the worst accidents and most severe injuries.

Jackknifed Trucks

Jackknifing occurs when an 18-wheeler truck and its trailer skid. The trailer swings out then stops to form an angle of 90 degrees with the truck.

Loss of Control of the Vehicle

Several things can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles. They may be drunk, distracted or simply reckless. Vehicle malfunction may also be responsible.

Head-on Collisions

These happen when two vehicles driving in different directions crash into each other. Head-on collisions can result in serious injuries and even death.

Broadside Collisions

These are accidents in which the side of one vehicle collides with the front or rear of another. They are also known as T-bone accidents.

Rear End Collisions

These refer to when one vehicle strikes the other from the rear.  They tend to happen at traffic lights and stop signs or on crowded highways.

Lane Change Collisions

Drivers change lanes so much that they often take it for granted. Frequent lane changes and blind spots are the main causes of lane change collisions.

Hit and Run

Some truck drivers flee the scene. They may have been impaired, unlicensed or uninsured at the time of the accident.

This image shows a truck over turned across all lanes of traffic. Hickory truck accident lawyers can get you maximum compensation.

What Are Common Causes of Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents have a wide variety of causes. While many are due to the actions of the driver, others relate to how the truck was loaded or maintained. If certain parts malfunction, accidents can also occur. Let’s look at some of the many causes of truck accidents.

  • Lack of training – Big rigs can weigh 80,000 pounds or more and they have complicated braking systems. Drivers need to be properly trained in how to handle them safely.
  • Mechanical failure – Like any vehicle, trucks develop mechanical problems. However, since they travel long distances constantly, they need more maintenance than regular passenger cars.
  • Oversized trucks – When very large trucks get involved in crashes, the results can be deadly. These trucks can roll over and come to rest on other vehicles or lead to multi-car collisions.
  • Brake failure/defect – If the braking system isn’t working properly, the truck driver won’t be able to slow down or stop in time. The results can be devastating.
  • Poor driving conditions – Wet or icy roads and poor visibility make it difficult for any driver to safely navigate Hickory’s roads. Trucks drivers will find it even harder to maneuver.
  • Driver inexperience – Inexperienced drivers may not be aware of all the regulations surrounding the trucking industry.  They may drive for more hours than they should without knowing it is unsafe and illegal.
  • Fatigue – Drivers usually have long routes to traverse and deadlines to meet. Some get behind the wheel even when they are exhausted.
  • Overloaded trucks –There is a limit to how much trucks can safely carry. Excess cargo can fall off and hit other vehicles or cause the truck to tip over.
  • Speeding – Drivers who go over the speed limit increase their chances of getting involved in an accident. Trucks take much longer than a car to come to a complete stop and speeding worsens the situation.
  • Failure to yield the right of way – This happens at traffic lights or when a driver fails to yield to oncoming traffic when making a left turn.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol – Impaired driving can cause a lot of damage. Despite the immense responsibility which rests with truck drivers, some of them still drink and drive.
  • Dangerous or reckless driving – Drivers may change lanes carelessly, text or talk on the phone or run red lights. Any of these actions can cause an accident.
  • Running off the road – It’s not difficult for a truck to push a smaller vehicle off the road. The truck driver may be driving recklessly or they may have been too distracted to see a small car.
  • Aggressive driving behavior – Tailgating, failing to signal or yield the right of way or making unsafe lane changes can all contribute to an accident.

What Type of Compensation for Damages Can I Recover in A Truck Accident Case?

This image shows a truck accident victim speaking with a lawyer about their claim.
Hiring a lawyer is a great way to get the most from your truck accident claim.

To get compensation, your Hickory truck accident attorney will have to prove negligence. Maybe the truck driver breached their duty to other road users or the trucking company failed to follow regulations. Once an at-fault party has been identified, you will be able to claim damages for a variety of losses. You must be able to prove you suffered these losses because of the accident.

Medical Bills

Accident victims usually rack up high medical bills. You can get compensation for money spent on medication, hospitalization, surgery, assistive devices, therapy, x-rays, and other diagnostic tests.

Lost Wages

Serious injuries mean you will have to take time off work while you recover. Since you won’t be getting paid during this time, you could be compensated for the wages you’re missing.

Permanent Injury

Some injuries will have a long-term effect on your life. It can be difficult to project your losses well into the future. However, you still need to seek the compensation you deserve.

Pain and Suffering

This refers to the physical and emotional stress which victims of accidents can undergo. It can cover disfigurement and disability, depression, loss of enjoyment of life, and mental anguish.

Loss of Consortium

This applies if your spouse suffered a disabling injury. If you can no longer enjoy their companionship or care, you can file a claim for this.  Consortium includes, but is not limited to, sexual pleasure or a divorce caused by a life-altering injury

Wrongful Death

If you lost a loved one in a trucking accident, you may be able to claim damages. Your Hickory truck accident lawyer may be able to get compensation for the loss of the victim’s income and companionship.

Who Pays My Medical Bills After A Truck Accident?

You’ll want to get your bills paid as soon as possible after your accident. However, the trucking company may not pay immediately. This doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Your insurance policy may include a provision for the payment of certain medical expenses.

You’ll need to be very careful in your interactions with the trucking company. The company or their insurer may approach you and ask you to sign a medical release or give a statement. You should not do this without speaking to an attorney first. You can contact a Hickory truck accident lawyer at Harman Law at any time to discuss your case.

Are There Laws Which Regulate the Driving Practices of Truckers?

Given the nature of commercial trucking and the inherent dangers of driving a truck, there are laws specifically for truck drivers. The commercial trucking industry is governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). However, there are also rules at the state level.

Laws govern a number of things including:

  • The maximum number of hours a truck driver should work over a set period of time
  • The training a driver must complete before driving a commercial vehicle
  • The maximum blood alcohol concentration levels allowed
  • The weight limit of the cargo on the truck

These regulations are designed to ensure truck drivers remain alert and fully in control of their vehicle. As we have already established, a distracted or fatigued driver can cause tremendous harm.

Federal regulations also set out the minimum level of insurance coverage which commercial trucks must carry. This is aimed at protecting victims from trucking companies claiming that they don’t have enough money to pay damages. Your attorney will look into your case to determine if the driver was in breach of state or federal regulations.

Other Accident Cases We Handle

At Harman Law, we don’t only handle truck accident cases. We also assist victims of other types of vehicular accidents. We take a personalized approach to each case as we work to ensure victims get justice. Anyone who causes injury to another should be made to pay. We handle:

Car Accidents

Passenger cars are involved in accidents every day. Sometimes victims escape with minor injuries but other times, the injuries are serious. Whether you’ve been a victim of a drunk driver or a distracted driver, a car accident lawyer in Hickory can help you build a solid case.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are often at the mercy of other road users. Since their vehicles are small, other motorists often don’t see them until it is too late. What makes matters worse is that bikers have little to protect them from the impact of a bigger vehicle. Victims of motorcycle accidents should always contact a Hickory motorcycle accident lawyer to get the maximum compensation for their claim.

This image shows two motorcycles riding in the same lane.
Harman Law provides exceptional representation for motorcycle accident victims. Call us today for a free review.

Uber Accidents

Uber has a $1 million insurance policy which covers its drivers. However, it only applies when they are active on the app and carrying a passenger. There is also a third-party liability policy for when they are logged in but between trips.  If they are not logged in, it can be very difficult to get compensation. An Uber accidents lawyer in Hickory, NC will know all of the relevant laws for filing a claim against Uber or the Uber driver.

Contact A Hickory, NC Truck Accident Attorney for A Free Consultation

We know how destructive truck accidents can be in Hickory, NC. We also know how much of a difference compensation can make in the lives of victims. That’s why we do everything we can to ensure injured people get the help they need. Truck accident victims often suffer serious injuries that require long recovery periods. When they have to spend time away from work, they lose out on the income which they badly need.

At Harman Law, we offer compassionate, personalized representation. Our truck accident attorneys are skilled and experienced and they know how to handle insurance companies and the court system. Our only goal for you to get the compensation you deserve. Contact our offices today, you shouldn’t have to struggle to pay your bills while the at-fault party gets off scot-free.

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