People who work in construction understand that their job is dangerous. Even when they’re working on what seem like routine projects, they put their lives on the line. One wrong move and they can fall and suffer serious and even fatal injuries. Sadly, this was the case for a 30-year old man in Whitsett, North Carolina this month.

The man worked for Eddie Georgia and Co. It’s a construction company in North Carolina. He was working on a project at the FedEx facility on Judge Adams Road in Whitsett the first week of January. He was installing a grate floor – something he’s probably done a dozen times before.

While installing the floor, the young man fell more than 18 feet. Fire and rescue were called to the scene and the employer was transported to Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital with what were described as life-threatening injuries. Unfortunately, the unidentified man later died from his injuries.

His name has not yet been released. They also haven’t reported whether Eddie Georgia and Company has a history of violations or accidents. However, OHSA has initiated an investigation into his accident. If they find that the company’s equipment didn’t meet inspection standards, his employer may be held liable. Or, if the equipment he was using was defective, his family may be able to pursue the manufacturer for wrongful death.

Hopefully, if there were problems with either the equipment or the project, OSHA will find it. This can help prevent other workers from getting hurt or killed.

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