It sounds like something you’d see in an action or comedy film. However, believe it or not, these things happen in real life. A homeowner and their family are sitting in their house when, out of nowhere, a car comes crashing through the wall. When this happens, the residents are lucky to escape alive let alone without injury. This is what happened this weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Carl Gadd was sitting in the back of his home with his girlfriend Friday night when they got a surprise. A man driving a small pickup truck lost control of his car and came barreling through Gadd’s home. The surprising thing is, Gadd said this isn’t the first time this has happened.

A few years ago another car hit the curb outside Gadd’s house and crashed through the woods. Thankfully, last time, there wasn’t any real damage because it was a near miss. Friday night, Gadd wasn’t so lucky. The car crashed into the house and caused a ton of structural damage. However, nobody inside the house was hurt so that was good news.

The name of the driver hasn’t been released. He was transported to Atrium Health’s Caroline Medical Center with very serious injuries. The cops haven’t determined a cause for the crash but they did perform tests to see if the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident.

The homeowner has demanded that the city make an effort to keep this from happening again. He didn’t mention if he intended to sue the city or the driver, however, he is certainly entitled to damages here.

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