A lot of people think that single-car accidents aren’t as serious as other types of accidents. Car accident lawyers in North Carolina know this isn’t the case. Sometimes, a single-car accident can be much worse than one involving a bunch of cars. And, when it comes to single-car crashes, it can be very hard to figure out exactly what happened. If the driver is seriously injured or dies, there really isn’t anyone to let the police know what happened. Thankfully, in a fatal two-car crash in Raleigh, this wasn’t the case.

A Raleigh man named William Jessup May was driving along the westbound lanes of Interstate –20 on January 20, 2020. He was speeding and tried to pass someone on the inside traffic lane. He lost control of his car and hit the median guard rail. Then, he over-corrected and merged back into the right lanes. His car ended up on the shoulder and rolled into a drainage ditch. His car hit a few trees before finally coming to a stop. 36-year old May was pronounced dead at the scene.

Thankfully, for the police, there were witnesses who were able to let them know what happened. While this doesn’t change the fact that the victim passed away, it’s some relief to the family to know what happened to their loved one. Unless the investigation shows that there was something wrong with May’s car, it appears that the crash was caused by his speeding and negligently trying to pass another car.

If your loved one is hurt or killed in a single-car accident in North Carolina, make sure to contact our car accident lawyers right away. We can help figure out what happened and whether your family has a potential legal claim.

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