Charlotte, NC
There are not enough ways to describe the wonderful experience I had working with Harman Law to resolve a complex personal matter earlier this year. Both kind and patient, Michael truly listened when I spoke and made me feel valued from the start. His compassion and empathy for my situation was manifest in his close attention to detail so that nothing slipped through the cracks. I never once doubted that he was completely and genuinely dedicated to my case. Michael took great care to stay in close contact through the entire process which made me feel both empowered and involved in a legal world that was foreign to me. He even responded to messages over weekends and while on vacation, which was completely unexpected. It’s truly rare to find such dedication to clients. I greatly appreciated Micheals patience in explaining my options and possible outcomes of my case. He was always a straight shooter and very good at managing my expectations regarding outcomes. This was very helpful to me as stress can limit my objectivity. Somehow he accomplished this feat while tolerating my very bad jokes with a warm chuckle on numerous occasions. The office manager, Sharon, was also quite wonderful to work with. Her kind and compassionate spirit shone while assisting with logistical aspects, such as invoices and paperwork, with ease. I always truly enjoyed our interactions. I highly recommend Harman Law for resolving legal matters within his area of expertise. While the outcome of my case was less important to me than the act of standing up for myself, Michael was able to secure over FOUR TIMES the value of my original offer! I can’t thank him enough for helping me begin the healing process of moving forward. In short, Harman Law is a unicorn amongst North Carolina’s legal system. He won’t disappoint, and I promise he will laugh if you demand Skittles and cotton candy as part of your negotiations and lists of demands! Here’s to Harman Law- a hearty cheers to you!