Apparently, if you’re lucky enough to live in North Carolina, you’re lucky enough! At least, that is, according to Numbeo. In a recent study of more than 232 cities in the world, Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina both managed to rank in the top 10 cities in the world. The study was based on which cities offered the best quality of life.

Raleigh ranked as the third best city in the world and the number 1 city to live in the U.S. Charlotte was not far behind, ranking 4th in the US and 8th overall.

Some of the factors that survey considered included:

  • Climate
  • Affordable Housing
  • No tumultuous weather
  • Spending and buying power

For North Carolina, the climate is very desirable. The moderate temperatures, combined with low-humidity, offers the best of both worlds. You get all 4 seasons but you’re not exposed to any extreme weather. Plus, the spring and summer months are gorgeous.

The other thing about these cities is the housing market. Right now, North Carolina has a buyer’s market. People who live near Raleigh and Charlotte get a lot of bang for their buck when it comes to real estate. And, because wages aren’t much lower in North Carolina than their neighbors to the North, your dollar goes a lot further.

Some of the other cities that ranked in the top 10 included Madison, Wisconsin; Columbus, Ohio; and Austin, Texas.

If you decide that you want to either set down roots or relocate to North Carolina, contact our office. It’s always a good idea to have a skilled attorney at your disposal.