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Uber and other ride-sharing companies have been big business since their inception, drawing in millions of customers with their convenient business model. But, with this, they are also responsible for a rise in crashes and fatalities. There are more drivers on the road, fewer people taking public transit, and anyone can make money driving. This situation is a formula for an uptick in accidents and injuries. When you are involved in an accident with an Uber driver, it is best to contact a Hickory Uber accident lawyer as soon as possible.

A crash involving an Uber is not the simple procedure that comes with a minor fender bender either. Usually, you will have to jump through hoops and go out of your way for the hope of any amount of compensation. That’s not right for you.

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As the injured party in an Uber accident, you have options, and you should seek the maximum compensation possible. A North Carolina personal injury lawyer will act as a resource for you through the entire legal process.

They can give you the information you need to make decisions about your settlement and how to continue with your claim. Lawyers are also a great resource for time, as they put a stop to insurance companies rushing you through your statements and meeting with adjusters.

Additionally, your lawyer can act as the go-between for you. While you recover from your injuries, your attorney can schedule statements and submit evidence. Take the stress out of your case by hiring the expert Uber accident attorneys in Hickory at Harman Law. Call our offices today at (704)885-5550 for a free initial consultation and get an experienced car accident attorney on your team.

What Should I Do If I’ve Been Injured in an Uber Accident?

It’s not as easy as the car insurance commercials make it seem. You will have to do much more than calling your insurance company, take photos, and wait for the claims adjuster to issue a check. When a car crash involves an Uber or injuries, the entire process is thrown out of the window.

call 911

Before you get out of the vehicle, call 911. The driver may call 911, and that is wonderful, but you shouldn’t expect it. It’s likely that they’re a little shaken from the crash too. Make the call because you can’t be sure that anyone else has called.

When on the phone with 911, inform them of the extent of the crash. If you can tell that you or anyone else has injuries, tell them. Also, be sure to inform them that the crash happened while on an Uber ride and request that police respond to make a report. If necessary, they will dispatch a medical response.

seek medical attention

First, check to see if you’re injured. If your injuries don’t seem severe, check those around you. Is the driver okay, are the other passengers okay?

If you or anyone else needs medical attention, this becomes the top priority. Anyone injured in the crash should remain in the car until the medical response arrives. Even if you don’t believe you have suffered any injuries, get checked out anyway. Not all injuries are evident immediately, and by seeking medical attention you create documentation of the damages done by the car crash.

When first responders arrive, notify them of who has serious injuries and allow them to do their job. They will often send people who need medical attention to the hospital or treat them at the scene.

gather information and evidence

If you are able, take pictures of everything. Your car, their car, the crash site, and road conditions. This is part of your evidence and will help to recreate the crash if necessary. Be sure to screenshot and take pictures of any Uber information as well. You also want to make some brief notes of what happened as you remember it.

Finally, speak with witnesses and get their contact information. It’s likely that other people saw the crash. If anyone pulled over to help, request their name and a contact number. Gathering evidence is key to proving that you were not at fault.

call a car accident attorney

While hiring an attorney is not a “requirement”, if you suffered personal injuries or property damage, an Uber accident lawyer in Hickory, NC will be your best chance of obtaining the compensation you deserve. Calling them immediately after your accident allows them to give you guidance on how to proceed from the very beginning. This can protect you from making damaging comments at the scene, or from signing an unfair settlement with the insurance company. It also allows your Uber accident attorney to start an investigation immediately.

Why Should I Hire a Hickory Uber Accident Lawyer?

You’re not just filing a report with your insurance company. After a crash that involves an Uber driver, you’re likely going to get a lot of passing around from at least two, if not three, insurance companies.

An Uber crash attorney in Hickory can help you know which companies to speak with, and when it’s appropriate to give a statement. While you probably won’t have any problem talking to your own insurance company, speaking with Uber or the driver’s insurance holder can potentially damage your claim.

Find a Hickory Uber accident lawyer who knows the legalities that impact Uber and all drivers on the road. That knowledge will help guide you towards the compensation you need.

uber accident statistics

What’s startling is the severe uptick in accidents that can easily be associated with Uber and other ride-sharing companies. Before Uber hit most major cities in 2010, traffic fatalities were at an all-time low. They were as low as they had been back in 1949! So, what’s changed?

The biggest concern is that fatalities have increased between 2-3% and continue to increase. From 2014 to 2015 U.S. crash fatalities rose by 7.2%.

The only positive thing that seems to have come as a benefit is the reduction in DUI accidents. However, a reduction in DUI accidents is not the same thing as a lower risk of injury during a car crash.

Can You Sue Uber If You Get in an Accident?

So, the fast answer is generally yes, but it’s not often that people will have a reason to sue Uber. After a car accident, Uber has very specific policies and procedures in place to determine if they’re liable or not.

You can probably imagine the great lengths they go to in order to protect themselves legally. There are a few primary concerns when it comes to suing Uber after an accident.

First, their drivers are independent contractors, and Uber requires them to maintain certain levels of insurance. If the Uber driver is responsible, then Uber waives liability, and the driver’s insurance policy takes over.

The second area of concern is your position. Where you the other driver, a passenger in the other car, or a passenger in the Uber? Where you were can impact how quickly Uber can identify the extent of their liability. Again, if the Uber driver was at fault, their insurance will take precedence. If you were at fault, your insurance would take over.

The common instance that involves an injured person suing Uber after a car wreck is when they are the passenger of the Uber, and it was the other driver’s fault. When this happens, Uber’s 1 million dollar policy for under-insured motorists will become accessible.

It is where the Uber driver is not logged into the rideshare app. In such a situation the rideshare company (Uber) does not provide coverage.

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