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It happens to millions of people every year and each case is unique. If you’re involved in a car accident or get injured at work, you need the services of a personal injury lawyer. When it comes time to file a personal injury case, there may not be a clear cut answer to many of your questions. This is why it is critical to work with an attorney rather than try to muddle through the legal process alone.

Injuries can be frustrating, costly, and scary. If you were involved in a car accident or hurt at work, it could be that one day that changes the course of your life. The North Carolina personal injury lawyers at Harman Law are here to help!

Harman Law can help!

When you bring in a lawyer to represent you, you have the chance to really dig into how much your injury impacted your life. Did you miss work for medical treatment? Have you lost the ability to participate in your hobbies or enjoy basic elements of life such as walking?

Recovering compensation for your injuries as well as your suffering is a vital aspect of many people’s recovery. The financial burden that always comes with an unexpected injury can follow you for years after treatment. Don’t let one bad day lead to years of financial struggle.

Work with a lawyer towards recovering the compensation that you deserve. Harman Law covers all variety of personal injury cases with a specialty in workers’ compensation and auto accidents.

Why Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer will walk you through the entire process of opening and closing your case. They’ll explain what you need to start a claim and provide a wealth of knowledge to help you plan for the months to come. They should file documents, schedule court dates or mediator meetings, and present your side of the incident.

After hiring a lawyer, they should present you with a suggested course of action and a goal compensation amount. Not everyone will be able to recover their compensation goal, but everyone should know what their goal is and have a personal injury attorney fighting to obtain it for them.

If you’re receiving settlement offers that are reasonable, and just below what you’re seeking in compensation, a lawyer can offer advice and explain how pushing for the exact amount can potentially lead to you receiving less money in the end.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in NC?

Many people don’t realize is that most lawyers use a contingency fee arrangement where the lawyer will accept a portion of the settlement you receive as payment.

The standard percentage, or rate, is 33% but it can go as low as 25% or as high as 40%. For example, if your case settles for $20,000, then a 33% contingent fee would cost you $6,600.

In some cases the attorney will adjust their fee depending on the status of the case, taking less than 33% of a settlement obtained without going to court and a higher percentage for a case that does go to court. This change is because going to court and working in front of a jury, or a judge requires much more time and work. Your personal injury lawyer should advise you of this when representation is agreed to.

How Long Does a Personal Injury Lawsuit Take to Settle?

Unfortunately, personal injury claims are far too varied to offer a window for settlement. The good news is that if your goal is to settle the case, it will likely happen faster than if you were to take the case to court.

Most often, a personal injury case will take between a few weeks and a few months. Some cases can take years to reach a settlement, especially if the target compensation amount is very large.

The biggest factor to consider is the duration of your medical treatment. If you are undergoing medical treatment, then there is no final estimate for your medical costs. These events can seriously delay the conclusion of your claim.

In some cases, your injury attorney at Harman Law may advise you to wait to accept a settlement if you’re still in treatment. This advice is not a rule, and it varies from case to case. If your attorney feels that you’re not going to get a different end result between waiting or accepting a settlement now, they may advise you differently.

How Long Do I Have to File A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

The North Carolina general statute of limitations on personal injury claims is three years from the date of the incident. For auto accidents, it’s easy to keep a clear record of the date of the event. The same can be said of worker’s compensation cases. However, when you have an unusual personal injury claim, you may need assistance in nailing down your date of injury.

Three years from the date is more than enough time to consider your legal options, and decide to pursue an action or not. There are no variances that allow for special cases on this statute. If you’re not convinced that you want to start a case, speak with a North Carolina personal injury lawyer. They can help you better understand what to expect from a claim regarding the process and compensation.

What types of personal injury cases does harman law handle?

Personal injury can result in everything from slipping and falling to being in a car wreck. These claims are fairly common, but each case is unique and requires a personalized approach for the best resolution.

Harman Law relies on its team to provide a wide range of experience and knowledge. They strive to help the victims of car accidents and on-the-job injury throughout North Carolina, including Huntersville, Charlotte, Lake Norman, Hickory, and Asheville.

If you were injured because of someone’s neglect, carelessness, or poor behavior, get legal help now. Harman Law offers assistance to all victims of personal injury, but consistently handles these types of cases:

Car Accidents

Nearly every driver will have an accident at some point in their time behind the wheel. Hopefully, these accidents don’t result in any injury, but many do, in fact, leave drivers and passengers in bad shape.

Car accident injuries come in all variety. Seemingly small accidents can result in life-changing issues such as Traumatic brain injury, or loss of limb. It’s imperative that you get legal help during these situations. North Carolina is an at-fault state so you may need help from a North Carolina car accident lawyer showing that the wreck was not your fault, these issues come up all the time, and it’s never pleasant for anyone involved.

truck accidents

Accidents with commercial trucks are terrifying and almost always result in injury or even death. When you’re in an accident with a truck, you will likely need to put all of your effort into your recovery.

Hire a truck accident lawyer in North Carolina to have someone else worry about dealing with insurance companies and filing paperwork. With this help, you can focus on your recovery and any medical treatment you’re receiving.

Dealing with trucking companies and insurance companies is difficult as they will often attempt to get people to accept an unreasonably low settlement. Involve a personal injury lawyer in your claim right away to ensure that any compensation you receive is fair.

motorcycle injuries

Too many drivers act like they own the road, but when a passenger car or truck doesn’t act safely, motorcyclists pay. For those who ride a motorcycle, they know that they don’t have the protection of a vehicle. That doesn’t mean that the driver’s around them should provide them any less when it comes to duty of care.

It’s likely that your motorcycle accident or injury came from the carelessness of another driver. It’s also likely that you need extensive medical attention after the accident. Work with a North Carolina motorcycle injury lawyer to ensure that you receive compensation for your medical bills as well as any additional suffering you experienced.

uber & lyft accidents

You’re in an Uber or Lyft and then suddenly, things go wrong. Or, you’re driving like it’s any normal day and an Uber driver whips out in front of you. Uber has made many adjustments to how they do business in order to compensate crash victims properly.

You will need assistance from an Uber accident lawyer in North Carolina to determine which insurance company you will be working with most during this process. In many cases, Uber’s insurance policy kicks in, but you may have to fight for that to happen. The driver’s insurance may attempt to minimize your claim or downplay your injuries, don’t let that happen.

workers' compensation

Every employee in Noth Carolina has the right to a safe work environment, but still, workers everywhere get hurt on the job. Worker’s compensation is available, and you should be able to submit a claim easily. Unfortunately, most claims are rejected and then must go through an appeals process.

When you choose to hire a lawyer in your worker’s compensation claim, you can get help in filing forms correctly the first time. If your claim is denied, and then goes through to appeals, you’ll have someone on your side to show your evidence and work with you to present your case.

harman law offers free workers' comp consultations!

At Harman Law, we put our clients first! If you are the victim of personal injury, you will need help. Don’t get lost in the sea of paperwork, and appearance dates that come with filing a claim.

Instead, focus on your recovery and making the most of your medical care. Let an NC personal injury lawyer handle your paperwork, schedule dates with a mediator to discuss settlements, or schedule and represent you in court dates. They can guide you through every step of the process from filing a claim to closing the case.

A lawyer can help you decide if a settlement is fair, or if you should take your case to court. Harman Law provides legal services to injury victims in throughout North Carolina, including Huntersville, Hickory, Charlotte, Lake Norman area, and Asheville.

Many people have concerns when hiring legal representation, and Harman Law is here to help. During your consultation, the lawyer helping you can explain what costs to expect and what compensation amount to hope for through your claim.