Carpal tunnel syndrome present moderate to extreme pain in the wrists and hands making it very difficult to perform motor tasks and operate professionally. But, what happens if it has occurred as a result of your occupation that you must perform throughout the week? If this is the case, you may be eligible for workers comp benefits for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Join us now for a professional look at how the claims process works for gaining workers comp benefits for carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

It is a moderately to an extremely painful condition that occurs when the nerves and tendons in the hand have become compressed. The problems begin when the compression causes the median nerve to become compressed and adversely affects its vital function. The median nerve directs the movement and feeling of your fingers.

Furthermore, as the tendons of the hand become swollen and inflamed the pressure on the median nerve is increased. This all results in considerable pain in the hands and fingers that can limit movement and functionality. This is often the result of repetitive stress injury, this can be the result of working for long hours at a desk or spending long periods of time lifting and bending things.

When is carpal tunnel syndrome considered a work-related injury?

The laws of North Carolina only allow worker’s compensation to be granted for injuries received as a direct result of workplace activities. This means there could be a variety of activities that you have been practicing on the job that can result in carpal tunnel syndrome making you eligible for worker’s compensation. Some of these will include drilling, mining, performing mechanical work that causes vibrations or using a cash register and computer keyboard.

Some of the occupations that have a high-risk for carpal tunnel syndrome include chefs, truck drivers, janitors, data entry employees and administrative assistants. If you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that you contract on the job, you may be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits

What do I look out for when filing a claim for workers’ comp?

The most important point of your case will be proving that the injuries were caused by duties that you carried out on the job as this is what will make you eligible for worker’s compensation benefits. This is also what the insurance companies will be looking for when trying to disprove your rights to compensation. With this in mind, the first thing to do will be to have your condition examined by a qualified doctor. This will also provide the written evidence needed to file the case.

Once you have gotten the examination from the doctor you will need more evidence that your condition is indeed carpal tunnel. This will mean getting x-rays of your hands. Once you have all the evidence that proves you have carpal tunnel in one or both hands, you will need to link the condition to your work activity. After this has been completed and you have the information and evidence compiled, you will have the beginning of your case.

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