Van full of lacrosse players involved in a crash Salisbury, NC. This time of year, lots of people look forward to watching their favorite football team play on television. Some are lucky enough to actually go to the game. A lot of people take public transportation to the game. It’s cheaper than paying to park. And, you can have a few drinks without worrying about having to drive home.

Other people get together and take a van or SUV so they can all fit in one vehicle. Nobody thinks that something will go wrong on an early, Sunday morning. Unfortunately, for a van full of college athletes in North Carolina, today was no normal Sunday morning.

The van, containing several lacrosse players from Catawba College, was traveling to Charlotte to watch the Carolina Panthers’ game. They were actually heading there early to sell concessions in the parking lot to raise some extra money.

As they were going through the intersection of Brenner Avenue and Statesville Boulevard, they were hit by a woman driving another car. The impact was so severe that it caused the van to flip over. It was just 7:30 a.m. so we presume there was no alcohol or drugs involved. Although that wasn’t confirmed by the police, there was no mention of any toxicology reports either.

The woman driving the other car said that the sun was so bright it temporarily blinded her and she couldn’t see the van. Thankfully, nobody suffered any serious injuries. Based on the nature of the accident, we imagine the van was in pretty bad shape.

The college athletes in the van may have a valid claim for damages against the other driver. It will depend on the results of the investigation.

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